The Home Stretch

In my previous post, I mentioned the idea that Thanksgiving break was a great opportunity to play catch up with school work. Well, for myself, and possibly many other adult learning students the break was nothing more than a chance to catch up on life outside of college.


While I had full intentions of catching up on my school work, I was quickly reminded that being a husband and father took the front seat to school when I return home. The week long break was a great chance to spend time with family as well as offer my wife who has stayed super busy with the kids a chance to relax and grab some extra hours.

So, while Thanksgiving break for many students meant throwing obligations out the window for a week, for me, as an adult who is returning to college, the break meant throwing one set of obligations to the side while fulfilling another set of obligations.

Now that the break is over and school is back in session it is now time to buckle in and prepare to wrap-up my first semester at a university and being a full-time student. With finals week only a couple weeks away it is time to get serious and ensure I am prepared to finish strong. I will say this semester has been extremely challenging being an adult student for many reasons.


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