Reign S1 E4

In the last episode Mary accepted Tomas’s marriage proposal and needs King Henry to release her from her contract to marry Francis. An English envoy is arrested for the ambush that almost killed Bash. A prostitute comes forward saying she heard him talking about the attack. In order for Mary to be released from her contract with France she has to sign her name to the prostitute’s statement. They plan to kill the envoy, Simon, publicly. Tomas becomes abusive and threatens Mary. You find out that Tomas is the one behind everything. He framed Simon because he is the one that warned the English and got Bash hurt. He knew that Mary needed soldiers and France was going to give them to her so he sabotaged everything so that Mary would marry him and he would become king. Bash and Francis end up killing Tomas at the end of the episode. This entire episode would be fictional because Tomas wasn’t real and he never would’ve been trying to wed Mary.


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