My weekend [t]workflow | Makeup Vlog

Hey, y’all! It’s Dottie, and in this video blog I am showing how I do my makeup for work.

I decided this was a good video topic because it is a visual process. Plus, I just got up for the day, so it’s appropriate for me to put on my face.

I typically use a base foundation, another coat of foundation and a clear-coat powder for a finish. The powder is my absolute favorite because it helps keep my face in tact.

Next I apply a super blend blush, which adds a little bit of a pink tint to my upper cheeks.

After the blush, I put my eyebrows on with a brown eye-liner pencil. I love filling in my eyebrows a little darker because it makes me feel like Brooke Shields.

Then I apply my eye shadow. I usually go for nude colors because they match everything and do not make me look like a mythical beast.

I go for a medium-light, kind of bronze, shade for my actual eye-lids. I use a dark brown for the outer corners of my eyes (I also use the same eye-liner pencil for the outer corners of my eyes).

I then finish off my eyes with a two-step mascara. The first step is a white coat, which is meant to make the black coat stay on longer and look more FABULOUS!

I then apply lipstick, this particular shade is actually my BFF’s. She let me borrow it because she’s the best.

After all that, I’m ready for work, my day and whatever else life throws at me.



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