Winter coats for men and women

It’s that time of year. We are in November now and it is getting colder. In the Chicago land area where I am from it has reached the 30 degree temperatures. We are suppose to have the worst winter yet.

Men and women both have different styles and trends. Most women like different coats then the men do. For instants many women are all about the name brand winter coats and ones that will keep them warm. Some women like the long coats that cover there behind and some like ones with the fur in the hood.

This coat is a very good example of a warm coat. It has a furry hood and it is fashionable. This coat is from Abercrombie and Fitch. Even though most people wouldn’t think to wear coats from there because it is from middle school it still is super affordable and stylish. This coat is going for $90 depending on what site you want to buy it from.

Good name brand coats are not going to be super cheap, but it is worth it because you are going to wear it everyday.


This coat is Northface it is also a long coat that will keep you more warm when you are wearing it in the winter because it warms up your butt. This coat is $299.00 but that is because it is name brand and it is goose-down, waterproof, and fully insulated. This coat comes with all the bells and whistles.

Many coats can be found at Macys, Target, Tjmaxx, JcPenny, Carsons, any department stores have coats and name brand coats. All these coats include names like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Canada Goose, OSC Cross, Rudsak and many more.

As far as men winter coats go the best place to find them would be department stores or even Eddie Bauer. Most men don’t really care what types of coats they wear as long as they are warm. They also don’t really care about name brands as well. Some men don’t even wear any winter coats because they try to be tough.


This coat is from Eddie Bauer and it is a down coat which will be good for any cold conditions. This coat cost around $99 for regular and for tall it costs $119.

At the end of the day any winter coat is worth it as long as your keeping warm and getting good coats that are reasonable for the conditions. Its also important you have a good winter coat for when it snows.



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