My weekend [t]workflow | My bubbly personality

I have been told all throughout my life that my personality is rare.

I never really gave much merit to such comments because I figured people said it just to pay a compliment to a cute girl.

Even when my personality type was classified as ESFP, which is known as “The Performer/Entertainer,” by the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment Test, I did not find myself to be particularly special.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 3.46.01 AM.png

However, after working as a dancer, I have realized my mind truly is one to value especially in this line of work.

I arrived at this conclusion one night when I was watching other dancers interact with customers.

Of course, I could not hear any of what they were saying because of the music, which is always the forefront of all sound. Yet these dancer’s body language spoke for itself.

Hurricane, for an example, was sitting next to a 20-something, who was surprisingly somewhat attractive for a patron at such a place.

That was all she was doing though, just sitting near him and speaking to him only when addressed first.

Watching her interaction, or lack thereof, baffled and bothered me. How could such a pretty young thing like Hurricane seem so shy and even intimidated?

She could have anyone in that place eating out of the palm of her perfectly manicured hand.

That was the moment when it really hit me: my outgoing, easy to speak to persona does not come naturally.



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