Where I would rather be: November 17 edition

Recently, my cousin Jessica who grew up basically in the same area as me in neighboring Vincennes, Indiana, moved to Denver, Colorado. Denver is somewhere I have been super, super interested in visiting for over 4 or 5 years now for a lot of different reasons, so that’s where I would love to be right now rather than stuck in Charleston with schoolwork.

Also, I haven’t been able to see Jessica much the past few years because after graduating from Indiana University she went across the country to USC to attend graduate school. So, she lived there way across the map with her fiancee. Needless to say, that is what I would love to do the most there is meet with she and her man and have them show me around.


One thing that I know for a fact we would do is some hiking, as from a lot of her posts on Instagram and Snapchat make it seem like that is one of their favorite things to do since recently moving. I know that I would really enjoy that a lot because I like hiking and seeing the outdoors and nature a lot even here in this boring part of Illinois at places such as Fox Ridge.


As Denver is the capital of Colorado, there is so much stuff to do that she has told me about over text and the phone that we would do and experience together as well. One thing that I would really like to do is visit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater and catch a few shows. Even though I’m not huge into those type of performances, I’m sure that I would like it a lot mainly because of the beautiful scenery that there is all over.

Although zoo’s are very “frowned upon” by a lot of people and I get that, I would also probably make sure we hit up the zoo in Denver because I have constantly heard how nice it is and very good reviews. The Denver Zoo has a wide variety of animal exhibits it looks like and it is also located in a beautiful place so why not??


I would love to be able to make this trip to Denver sometime soon, mainly because as she lives so far away, we aren’t really able to see each other as a whole family much and I know it would be a great time. She usually can’t come home for holidays as it is so expensive to fly and what not, but I know we would make the trip to Denver way worth it.



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