Tips for Keeping Holiday Hair In

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. Not only because I get to eat yummy food, but I get to see my family. Another reason why I love Thanksgiving is because I love fall fashion. I love wearing maroon, navy, olive green, scarfs and boots. I love wearing a cute outfit along with a bold lip and a cute hairstyle. My Thanksgiving starts around 12:30 p.m. and we eat around 1 p.m. and we celebrate the holiday until 9 p.m. at night. So I always make sure my hair will stay put all day. Since my hair is shorter this year I plan on curling my hair. I want to go for the lose and natural curl look this year. My only problem is I’ll be gone all day so how can I manage to keep my curls in. I have a few tips for you!


  1. Dirty Hair?  – Yes dirty hair … kind of! Shower the night before so you can sleep on your hair and it’s king of messy before you curl it. When I shower right before I curl my hair it’s not likely for the curls to stay in all day. Tip: I like my hair to be a little oily and messy before I curl it.
  2. Tighter Curls  – The look I’m going for is more of a lose curl look, but the lose curls won’t stay in all day. If I get ready an hour before I leave I’m going to make the curls a little tighter. That way once I get there they will start to fall out. Tip: Ways you can do this is using a smaller barrel when curling your hair.
  3. Hairspray  – Hairspray is your best friend during the holidays. With the house being warm from the food cooking and all of the people, the house is more likely to be humid. Right after you curl your hair don’t use the whole can on your hair, but just a few sprays. Then bring your hairspray with you to keep in your purse and give it a few sprays throughout the day. Tip: Go to the travel section of the drug store and buy a mini hairspray. It’s perfect for sticking in your purse.
  4. Plan B – If your hair doesn’t hold curls well and after being there for only a few hours and your curls completely fall you can go in the bathroom and put your hair in a  half-up half-down look. Or spray some sea salt spray in your hair and flip it up and down and you’ll have a cute, messy look. Tip: Don’t forget a hair tie.
  5. Desperate – If you’re desperate, you can always bring your curling iron with you. While people are taking their power nap you can run in the bathroom and touch up your curls.

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