Thanksgiving women Clothing

Most of us usually eat a lot of food during the holidays, especially during the holiday season. All that turkey makes people so sick and make there bellies look like they are nine months pregnant. The main thing is to look really good whether you are a man or women it’s crucial to dress to impress. You don’t want to wear anything that is not flattering what so ever. This is why it is important to wear something that you feel comfortable in.

For women I would suggest wearing a baggy shirt with jeans or a nice cardigan that doesn’t make you look like you just ate your whole life away. Both of these options are def trendy and you can get away with everything you just ate.

J57571-OLVN.jpg      Z37563-OA_Z1554-WH_Z21105-DW_Z0286-BR.05.jpg

You can find both the cardigan and sweater on 

The cardigan is only $49 and the sweater is on sale for $32.

I only like to focus on the women’s clothing because men can wear whatever they want and still be fine with there outfits. Most people after they eat too much they crash on their couch and fall asleep. My family and I watch football all day at my house then change and take a nap after we eat.

NO matter what it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as your happy about your outfit and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. +



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