My weekend [t]workflow | Reasons why I’m thankful

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I will list 7 reasons why I am grateful for the opportunities I have because of my job as a dancer

1. I can come in and work as late as I want and any day I choose.

This perk is basically because I have been working there since it opened a few months ago and because I am technically an independent contractor, so they cannot tell me when to work.

2. I have to really try to get fired

Again, I am a private contractor, so the only way I can get fired is if I do something really inappropriate, which i do not plan on doing anytime soon.

3. I can wear whatever I want to wear

No one tells me how to dress, so if I want to wear a clown costume or a pair of socks with no shoes on stage, I’m aloud to do so.

4. I can afford to get my daughter not only things she needs, but things she wants as well.

This is a huge aspect for which I am thankful. Last holiday season I ended up getting all of my kid’s presents on clearance at Walmart the day after Christmas. While it was cheaper to do so, it still kinda broke my heart because she didn’t get to wake up and open presents Christmas morning like all the other kids.


A picture I posted on Instagram last year when I got my 2-year-old Christmas presents late.

5. I am not bound to one location

If I want to work at other bars and clubs in the area, I am allowed to do so because I am an independent contractor.

6. I do not have to rely on someone else to get paid

The money I make is 100% made by me working for it, so if I am running low on cash,  I know to try and sell more dances. If I am not doing too bad financially, I don’t even have to go in on a particular day.

7. I can see my daughter more often

I only work at the bar twice a week and make as much as someone who works 40+ hours. This gives me the opportunity to live somewhat like a stay at home mom when I’m not going to school and such.


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