Cooking in College | Friendsgiving

When you’re in college, you get to go back home and eat with family. However, some of us who have apartments and want to spend time with friends host a “Friendsgiving.” This might seem intimidating for first time cooks.

Here’s some of the basics if you have been invited or are throwing a Friendsgiving:

  1. The host cooks the turkey (but nothing else)!

Don’t put too much pressure on the host or yourself. The host should only be responsible for the turkey. That is the hardest job. Have your friends bring side dishes along with them to balance out the responsibility.

If you are hosting, check out this site for a simple turkey recipe: World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey | Food Network

2. Stick to the basics

When in doubt, go with what you know. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of Thanksgiving meals. Ask you family members for their recipes and go with that for a side dish. You’ll know how it is supposed to taste, so it will give you a frame of reference.

If you’re out of luck for family recipes, I suggest checking out this link for some simplified versions of classic thanksgiving foods : 98 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes | Cooking Chanel TV

3. Make your own traditions

Having new people to spend the holidays with is awesome. While you want to keep it traditional for the food, bring in one new aspect that can make it unique to you group of friends. This can be a special drink to add to the meal, or a game that is played after the meal. Creating this fond memory will help keep the gathering alive for years to come.

Here’s a video of a funny game I plan to play with my friends this holiday:


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