Places I would rather be: November 16 (Thanksgiving edition)

Today is a Wednesday, November 16. With the mid-week now being here means that Thanksgiving Break starting. With that being said, one place I would really like to be right now is back home as I’m wishing break would have already started in Lawrenceville, Illinois.


Now, I usually don’t enjoy going home too often, but I’m pretty excited to be back for over a week. The main reason for that is because majority of my friends will be back in town and we have a lot planned to do. One of my friends is coming home from Arkansas, one from Cali where he is stationed for the Marines, and a few others from various schools across the nation.

One thing I know we plan on doing while all back in Lawrenceville is going out to a few local parties that people we know are hosting, hopefully seeing others that we haven’t seen in a few months after being together most of the summer. There is also a yearly, Thanksgiving Day basketball tournament the weekend after actual Thanksgiving that starts on Friday. The tournament is high-school and we all played back when we were that age, so it’s always fun to go back and see what the team has this year.

I’m also excited to get to spend some actual time with my family over break. I have gone home two or three times since August, but usually when I’m home only for the weekend I don’t have enough time to spend much time with my parents, as I’m busy trying to catch up with some of the friends or doing other things. I’m pretty pumped to stay at my house with my mom for a few days and see my dogs too, especially my boxer puppy, Sully, who we didn’t get until late summer.



I’ll also get to eat at a few of my favorite restaurants at home such as Micasita Mexican, our local sandwich shop The Hoagy House, Bobe’s Pizza, and our chinese place Hunan Garden. I’m sure we will also hit up a few of the bars in neighboring Vincennes, Indiana too. Along with getting to eat some of my grandma’s homemade Thanksgiving food, I’ll be set food wise haha. Needless to say, I am ready for my last class to be over on Friday so I can head back home and get a nice little break before it’s time to really crack down for finals and the end of the semester.


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