First VLOG

Hello my name is Olivia Scordato and this is my first Vlog.

Today I would like to talk about the Chicago Cubs making it to the World Series. Many people are indifferent about the whole situation because some people are not fan or Cardinals fans. Here at Eastern it is very divided because we have people close to the St. Louis area and people who live close to the Chicago land area. I have been a Cubs fan my whole life and it is great to finally see them make it to the World Series and win since 1908. They haven’t been to a World Series until 1946. Something I got to experience this past weekend was the parade in the city of Chicago. Lemme tell you it was very wild. There had to be at least thousands of people watching the parade and going to the rally in Grand Park. Can you imagine how many sweaty people and body heat there could have been. EWW. It was so gross you had little kids screaming in your ear, teenagers, parents, and even the elderly all trying to watch the parade.It was a great experience that was worthwhile no matter how many people came. Something everyone should do. I am so thankful that my grandma got to see a World Series because she has been waiting her whole life. She got to see the parade on tv and told me she wished she got to go. I am so thankful to call Chicago my home and see my team win. How do you guys feel about the World Series, about baseball in general, did anyone else experience the parade? Share your details with me below my blog. Thank you.

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