My weekend [t]workflow | Who is really being objectified?

Western society’s transparent objectification of women has become a commonplace in the United States.

Said objectification is, of course, innately palpable in “gentlemen’s clubs” and places of such nature. Yet a facet that is often overlooked, particularly by the men who frequent these locations, involves the dancers’ perceptions of their clients.

In fact, I would submit that dancers are just as guilty of the very same objectification on which these men thrive.

However, while a customer’s objectification of the dancers is overt, the dancer’s objectification of customers is quite the opposite to the point where sometimes the dancer does not even recognize it.

Indeed, patrons are not the only culprits of objectification. Dancers also practice such on customers, but in a more subtle, and often unconscious, manner.

A way in which these women exemplify this objectification is through their manipulation of clients, individually. They do this by simply striking up a casual conversation which causes a patron to believe she cares about his well-being.

One of my coworkers, who agreed to an interview on the condition that I only use her stage name, Ecstasy explained a recent encounter with a client to whom she had never spoken.

She described him as a short, balding, and slightly overweight Hispanic man, who looked to be 30-something and reeked of “old cheese.”

Actually almost all of her description of the stranger built on to poking fun at his distinct scent.

“He smelled like he hadn’t showered in a week,” she said, pausing to inhale sharply, cackle loudly, and then inhaling more noisily than her initial one.

In spite of his foul odor, she said she would continue to speak with and entertain him, not because he bought numerous private room dances (also known as VIP dances) from her, which he had done.

But more so because she said he was easy to converse with and did not try to “stick his wiener inside” of her.

This response intrigued me because it showed me she did not think she was using him for his money.

However, I feel like what Ecstasy was really saying was that she would not mind taking more of this patron’s money.



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