Cooking in College : Quick, healthy breakfasts

This year I have made it a habit to wake earlier and enjoy breakfast. Earlier doesn’t have to mean before the sun rises. I adjusted my schedule by setting an alarm 15  minutes earlier and, with the right breakfasts, have plenty of time to enjoy. Here are some of my staples for easy breakfasts. Some can even be taken to-go.


  1. Avocado Toast

I know, Instagram is blowing up with this “Super Food”, but it’s not as intimidating as people are making it look. I use avocado in a bare sense– just place it on top of toast. It really does keep me full until lunchtime, and if you keep your fridge stocked, it takes less than two minutes to assemble.

Use this idea as a framework. I also love putting peanut butter and bananas on toast, or apple or pumpkin butter. Really, anything on toast. The options are endless.

2. Yogurt with granola

Both are store bought. You can’t get easier than this. I use greek yogurt for more protein (which means you’ll stay fuller longer) and only a little bit of granola. Granola can have a lot of added sugars and the calories can add up quickly, so be careful. I usually make a breakfast like this when I am running late on time. I can eat it while I’m getting ready without too much hassle.

3. Oatmeal

I use the packaged pouches, but you can use whichever. I try to add fruit or eat a piece of fruit to balance it out. Bonus tip: if you love peanut butter or honey, add it. It will make all the difference.

4. Protein bar

Sometimes there’s  not enough time to make something. In these situations, I grab a protein bar. I try to find something that has enough protein to keep my energy up for the day. Watch out for some brands — they say they are healthy, but a lot of them have a crazy amount of sugar, which will make you spike fast. I really liked Mind over Munch‘s video explaining different types of bars.

5. Weekend Option : Banana Pancakes

Although it’s not the fastest option, I thought I’d end with a weekend-style breakfast. This banana pancake recipe is super good, and relatively healthy. I discovered it through Blogilates, and I’m hooked. Any ripe bananas I don’t finish during the week are used for this purpose. Plus, I like taking a little extra time in the morning to treat myself.



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