YouTube Beauty Gurus

The world of beauty has exploded on YouTube over the past few years. Different brands have collaborated new products with these women (& men!) to bring their follow base to buy more from the brand. I am an avid beauty YouTube video watcher, and I basically feel like I’m best friends with the people on my screen. One thing to consider when watching YouTube videos on different products and makeup looks is that everyone has different skin. One product that might be balls to the walls for one person, may not look so flattering on another. I also consider my face to be oily, so as much as I love a few women with dry skin, I don’t try the same foundations or face powders they use. Here’s my list of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube!

  1. Casey Holmes –
    Playing with new makeup today! 🎥 Eyes: @kyliecosmetics burgundy palette 👄- @kyliecosmetics liquid lip in pumpkin & candy k 🤓 wearing eylure false lashes in luxe gilded. Showed them on my snap -👻 CaseyHolmes35 - & they are my new fav drugstore lashes. I need to buy all of them. 😭🙌🏼
    I love watching Casey Holmes’s videos because her and I both have oily skin. We also have the same eye color, and sometimes the same skin tone. We also have similar hair, so I feel like any look that she can pull off will basically look the same on my face.

  2. Jaclyn Hill –
New blog post is up!
    I’m pretty sure Jaclyn Hill is the household name on YouTube. She can be a bit obnoxious in her videos, but she is everyone’s favorite. She collaborated with BECCA Cosmetics this past year to make a highlight called Champagne Pop that I ran to Sephora to purchase. She has an amazing personality, and most of her videos are enjoyable to watch. Her makeup skills are unbeatable.

  3. Alexandrea Garza –
    I'm excited to announce that I am the social brand ambassador for @ecotools in 2017! ❤️ This has been in the works for a long time and I'm so happy to finally share the big news with you all! #Ecotools is coming out with amazing new products, sponges, and packaging next year! They donate to amazing charities to support women and helping women to build a beautiful life. I'm all about making women feel confident, beautiful, educated and empowered. I'm so honored for this opportunity and it would not be possible without you all! Thank you so much for your amazing support, kindness and love that you show me everyday. I appreciate and love all of you. Let's make 2017 amazing and all support other women and lift each other up! 👍🏼❤️ Direct link in bio to my vlog where I share more about the announcement and what it means to me! #ecotoolsxo
    Alex Garza is such a sweetheart. I love watching her effortless beauty looks and style books. HER STYLE IS IMPECCABLE. She seems so down to earth.

  4. Nicole Guerriero –
    Heyyy! New video is up. Come take a peek at my living room so far. It's been a slow process but it's coming together little by little. ☺️💘🏡 #homedecor
    Another personality I fell in love with on YouTube is the eccentric Nicole Guerriero. She is a firecracker and says whatever comes to her mind. Her videos actually make me laugh out loud. She is drop dead gorgeous and has amazing style.

  5. Manny MUA –
    Recorded 3 videos today..... im SHOOK!
It's gonna be a good week 😏💛
Lipstick - @jeffreestarcosmetics Leo
    Not the traditional YouTube beauty guru, Manny MUA. I’m so inspired by his confidence, he seriously kicks ass. His makeup looks are always something I couldn’t see on myself wearing out in public (like pictured above), but his personality is amazing and his skills are scary good.


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