Justin’s VLOG



  My name is Justin Brown. I hope that after watching this vlog you will be more aware of at least some of the many resources available to you as a college student.

I want to first start off by saying that resources are much more than locating a book in the library or having a studio proofread an essay assignment.

I want to talk about resources that are able to help you in your day-to-day activities.

Number one on the list to me is the many opportunities students have to provide income while learning the necessary skills for after college.

According to eiu.com, Eastern Illinois University has numerous jobs available for current students, ranging from work study, to off campus jobs to working in the fast-paced environment of a real life newsroom. Many of you may feel that if a job does not involve you working in the field you are studying than it is not for you, well I can tell you from past experiences that you are incredibly wrong.

An interesting stat I found, on LinkedIn, and keep posted next to my computer desk at home says: “As much as 85 percent of jobs are filled through networking.” That means you almost have to know someone to get a job nowadays. Even if you don’t know the person interviewing you, you may have met someone that knows him.

The secret to life is getting ahead. While you may think a degree is enough to get you ahead, think again. Your peers are probably much more active than you and they will also be applying to the dream job you have in mind.

I’ll close with also mentioning all the many financial resources available to students. EIU.com has several scholarship opportunities available. The list of opportunities does not end there. Nationally there are thousands of scholarships available to students such as yourself. I encourage you to apply. Many list the award recipients and their qualifications. Use that to motivate you in your experience. If you can’t win the scholarship, you can almost certainly bet you will not stand a chance winning the job.


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