I am a republican and I have rights too!

Many people that live in the Illinois area are democrats. Going to Eastern and living in Illinois I realized everyone is so liberal. It doesn’t bother me what so ever. What bothers me is that people judge me based on who I am voting for.


I have just as much rights as everyone else in this country does. After watching the election this year I knew that either way our country would go to shreds. Everyone was talking about how Trump is horrible. I personally don’t hate the guy at all and not just because I am a republican but because I agree with some of his policies.

I was never a fan of he Clintons at all. I agreed with a lot Trump wanted for this country.


I do not care what people think and it’s sad that I get judged for liking him. Everyone is open to there own opinions and it’s not fair.

Most of the people hate him when they know nothing about politics. Hilary sent illegal emails and she gets a way with it. Someone that wants a leader that can’t follow the law but we as a country are suppose to how is that fair.

After the election I realized the media plays a huge role on peoples views because they stretch the truth. You watch CNN and they bash Trump you watch FOX they bash Hilary it is all a game the media plays.

I will never have many people that agree with me on this but I will make a stance and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Trump will do great things when he starts his term in January.




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