Election Coverage

Watching the Presidential Election unfold last night, I witnessed a time of surprise to the nation as Donald Trump won the path through the Electoral College to become our President-Elect.

With this election like previous ones, different organizations handled their coverage much differently.  As I flipped through the channels, some were hinting that Hillary still had a strong path to victory as polls were closing and poor results for her campaign. But in contrast, other organizations seemed to be giving Trump the presidency before it was even over.

Throughout my timeline of Facebook and personal Twitter account, I saw a variety of strong reactions from both sides of the election.  Since I was supporting Hillary Clinton and obviously was very saddened to witness Trump win on T.V., I ended up deleting and blocking many accounts that were “talking trash” to democratic supporters like myself.

At one point, during my furious and upset reaction, decided to tweet this on my personal account:

“Anyone who wasted their vote on Gary Johnson is on my shit list.”

This angered my longtime friend who voted for Gary in Illinois.  This election is different than any other. Not only is social media more involved, but the country is divided. It’s already tearing people apart, I can only hope it will get better.


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