Election 2016





This has been an election for the history books. Never before have we had a candidate with no prior political or military experience win.

I have been following multiple news sites and Twitter feeds. Even those who are supposed to be known for being unbiased showed colorful, opinionated language.

@APPolitics had continuous coverage of all facets of the election night. They tweeted more about the presidential race but did not neglect races for senate and house seats.

AP Politics had unbiased coverage during election night, but as this morning’s news rolls in, there are more negative stories about Trump and his upcoming presidency:


The Chicago Tribune covered more local issues, such as the state comptroller and senate. However, much of today’s news is hinting at a similar theme : despair and chaos.


Of course, this could really be the only side. We can only imagine if similar rhetoric would have been used if Clinton won.

Because I want to remain hopeful among this negative news, my final tweet to share from the Trib is somewhat humorous. I think it’s an interesting idea, and the technique could be implemented for other news sources, such as The Daily Eastern News.




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