Election Day 2016: November 8, 2016

Throughout the day I have been keeping up with the election, majority of the day in between my classes. I have been paying much more attention to this election and how the votes are going more so than ever, mainly because this is my first year capable of voting. I have been watching on t.v on “MSNBC” on the cable. But, I haven’t only been watching the television as I have also been tuning into a lot of different twitter accounts that are live-streaming votes and others that are discussing different issues. 

In Illinois, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote which is not really much of a surprise to anyone. It is not much of a surprise to anyone mainly because of how big of a supporter of Clinton President Obama is. Obama’s hometown is Chicago and he is very popular there and in Illinois.


One thing that I have heard a lot throughout the election that surprised me is the high number of people that claimed that they are only voting to keep the other office with less votes. The more I thought about that number though the less surprising I thought it was because of how controversial the two canidates are. Donald Trump has really surprised a lot of people, including myself, with the amount of votes he has been receiving in places thought to have been democratic.

It is currently 10:36 p.m right now and the main state that is being discussed at the moment is Wisconsin and how strange it was for them having a republican candidate because they haven’t done so in over 30 years. Also, the reporters have been discussing how important of a state Michigan would be for both candidates that are in dire need of electoral votes at the moment.

I am signing off for now though because the election is currently getting close and I’m keeping up with it and I feel like I have gotten my views of the election so far pretty well so far! The rest is yet to be determined, but we will see very soon who will be the next President of The United States…. Will it be Democrat Hillary Clinton, or Republican Donald Trump??

Did you vote? Any comments? Thoughts?



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