Celebrities Endorsing Clinton

Over the past year, powerful women in pop culture have used social media, hosted concerts and rallies, and even visited college campuses all to show their support for Hillary Clinton. The list is long and inspiring. Each of these women believe in Clinton enough to voice their opinion to show support for the candidate. Several women have tweeted, posted instragrams, and made facebook statuses about Clinton. A few of the standout women that went above and beyond include:

1. Katy Perry

HILL-ADELPHIA FTW! In less than 3 days be apart of HISTORY and make #HERstory 🇺🇸 #november8th #VOTE 📝 📸 @taylorehill my 👗 by @prabalgurung

 Perry has tweeted numerous times, been in campaign ads, and has worn a good amount of #ImWithHer apparel. She even put a video on Instagram holding a puppy wearing a “nasty woman” shirt and said “Let’s vote Hillary Clinton.” Perry celebrated her 32nd birthday by voting early in her patriotic Stars and Stripes jacket and handbag combo, knocked on dorm room doors at UNLV to urge students to vote early and then played a free Get Out the Vote concert in Philadelphia on Friday
2. Miley Cyrus
Campaigned for @hillaryclinton today in GMU in VA encouraging young people to volunteer and vote!!!! 💖💖💖
Cyrus was originally a fan of Bernie Sanders, but once Clinton was voted the Democrat nominee she quickly adapted Clinton’s policies, which she has caught a lot of heat for. She traveled to George Mason University and spoke to students about voting. She told Ellen Degeneres “You listen to so many people, especially when you’re watching the debates, specifically Trump, say so many dumb things, and these young kids were so smart and so amazing to talk to them, not why we should just be terrified of the other option – it wasn’t about what a horrible guy Trump is – nasty guy Trump is. It was really about what a great woman she is. And we would choose her no matter what it would be, who she was up against.”
3. Beyonce
Image result for beyonce hillary clinton
Beyonce, Jay Z and several other performers hosted a concert Sunday to show their support for Clinton and encourage young voters. She posted a video on Instagram to rally voters into choosing the Democrat candidate.
Other women who have endorsed Clinton on social media include: Amy Schumer, Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and Aubrey O’Day.

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