My weekend [t]workflow | Pole dancing: how I learn new tricks

Almost all of the pole dancing techniques I have learned thus far are the result of practice and the strength I have built up from regularly lifting myself and climbing the pole.

Sure, choreographed Youtube videos and tutorials regarding the art of pole dancing are fun to watch.

Here’s one of my favorite pole dancing videos, by Ava Madison.

I like this one because a variety of moves, most of which are difficult to master, are effortlessly exemplified.

I also like the way this dancer moves in general. It’s slow and sensual, a style I usually do not practice.

Unfortunately I am not the type who can watch someone do something and replicate it. I wish that were the case. That would make learning new tricks so much easier for me.

Instead, I basically just try different moves while looking at myself in the mirror to insure I look good in each pose.

This method is not ideal, though, because it is difficult to just come up with new material, as you could imagine.

I think going to a pole dancing class would help me the most because that way I have someone to tell me what exactly to do and how to do it.

Also, a professional would be able to tell me ways in which I could improve and other helpful information based on the how I move.




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