Reign S1E2

In the last episode it was believed that Collin was beheaded but it was discovered that he was freed by someone and a thief was executed instead. Charles meets a girl that he is supposed to Mary, Madeleine. Upon her arrival their ship took on water and an English war ship was nearby and assisted them. The English convoy, Simon, threatened Mary. He said that the English are the ones that tried to poison her. Some believe that Mary is the rightful heir to the English throne not Elizabeth. He wanted her to abdicate the English throne and leave France and not marry Francis. Collin was later found dead in the woods believed to be killed by people in the woods who sacrifice people. Catherine had a guard kill him to keep quiet about what she wanted him to do to Mary in episode 1. At the end of episode 2 Francis finds out that his mother is the one behind everything with Mary. He says that she will lose him if anything happens to Mary.

Charles doesn’t marry a girl named Madeleine. His wife is Elizabeth of Austria. Everything with Collin never happened either.


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