Reign S1E1

The episode starts off in 1557 with Mary staying in a convent but when someone attempts to poison her she leaves for France. She is betrothed to Francis II, the next king of France. Upon arriving her four ladies in waiting arrive from Scotland and she sees Francis after years apart. He has a half-brother Bash who is the son of King Henry and his mistress Diane. When Mary arrives in France preparations are being made for Elizabeth’s wedding, daughter of Queen Catherine and King Henry. Queen Catherine is told by Nostradamus, a seer, that Francis’s union with Mary with cost him his life. Francis doesn’t want to marry Mary and he is seeing a girl in the palace. Lola, one of Mary’s ladies, boyfriend comes from Scotland. Collin is soon threatened by Catherine. So he tries to rape Mary to ruin her chances to marry any royal. Mary was warned not to drink the drugged wine by someone but she isn’t sure who it was. Collin was executed for treason.

History tells a different tale. Mary was never sent to a convent. She lived in France for most of her life at French court. She was alone though with no ladies in waiting. Although King Henry did have a mistress they never had a son together.


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