Places I would rather be: October 31

On this gloomy, Halloween-filled Monday in Chucktown, I can think of a few places I would rather be…. but none more than Cleveland, Ohio.

“Cleveland?! What? Everyone hates Cleveland!” I’m sure is one of the thoughts that crossed your mind when reading that, but let me explain. As many people know, the Chicago Cubs won last night to keep the season alive and force a game 6 and switch of venue from Wrigley Field in Chicago to Progressive Field in Cleveland.


Myself being a die-hard Cubs fan since as far back as I can remember, I would love nothing more than to be in the city of Cleveland to hopefully watch us force a game 7 on Wednesday night. I actually spent this past weekend in Chicago to be there for games 3 & 4 on Friday and Saturday night.

I had been to Wrigley many times before, but this time was crazy different with the World Series being hosted there. With that being said, that is one of the main reasons why I want to be in Ohio right now, just to be around the atmosphere of excited, nervous fans to root on their team.

If I were actually going to Cleveland, I would make sure to buy a ticket for the game as I could not afford one for the series in Chicago for over $2,000. But, before the game I would be roaming the city and near Progressive field to enjoy it all and soak it in even more. From some research on twitter and through the internet, I have found a couple of popular bars I would go to. Victory Alley Sports Bar and Grille and Flannery’s Pub are the two bars that I have seen the best reviews and recommendations on.


I would love nothing more than to see the Cubs fight back from being down 3-1 in the series to come back and win. Well, I lied. I would rather be in the stands of Progressive watching them doing it rather than sitting on my couch screaming at the T.V, which is probably what I will be doing. No one likes Cleveland, not even Cleveland. But when they are hosting not only my favorite team in the world but games 6 and potential 7 of the world series, there’s no where I would rather be.


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