Cooking in College | Travel Edition

A vacation means you should take a break from work, stress and cooking.

I recently went on a educational conference for student journalists in Atlanta, Georgia. I didn’t get to try 5 star cuisine (still a college student here), but being in a new area did make me try some things outside my comfort zone.


I started the day with something simple and not life-changing: a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. I did, however, eat by myself which is out of my comfort zone. I spent this time journaling and people watching.



For dinner, I tried a new beer and flatbread pizza. The beer resembled a Blue Moon, but had a fruity taste. The flatbread had a ton of veggies, which normally makes me weary. It had mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, peppers and tomatoes.  From this dish I found a new love for artichoke!


Finally, I went way outside my comfort zone with an Asian bakery. Luckily, I had a friend who had an idea of these items, so she helped me out. Everything was delicious. I had no idea that bean paste and rice could be so sweet and decadent. I also tried macaroons for the first time (They look better than they taste).


Overall I had a great trip, and my tastebuds experienced some new flavors.


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