My weekend [t]workflow | The relationship situation

People often ask me whether my relationships are affected by my line of work.

And to such inquiries, I will usually respond “not really.”

The type of people with whom I associate are not at all judgemental about what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t subject myself to them.

Even my mom has said numerous times she doesn’t look down on me for what I do because I am providing for the needs of myself and my child.

Not to mention the fact that I’m getting my degree whilst doing so…

What is more important than the approval of my friends and family, however, is my own acceptance of myself.

After all, I’m the one who has to look at and be with myself every single day.

And I do love and accept myself because I know this job isn’t permanent by any means.

I simply do it to make a little extra cash because having a kid and being broke isn’t an option for me.

I’m not bothered by those who do not accept what I do to make a living either.

I know exactly what I am doing, and it is not illegal. I am not using the money to feed an addiction or anything like that.

I spend my earnings primarily on my daughter, and fuck anyone who thinks that’s an issue.




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