Women Vs. Men in Skinny Jeans

Should women and men both be allowed to wear skinny jeans?  Or do we feel as if it is just a women thing?

People say because they are skinny they are also tight due to the fact that they are literally attached to your legs and you cannot move in them. They can also tend to maybe feel uncomfortable for men to walk or sit.

Only Nick Jonas can pull of the skinny jeans look

Only some men look good in skinny jeans are what most females would argue with.This is because it depends on what the guy wears with them in order for it to look good.

Women in skinny jeans

Skinny jeans in women tend to be different. Women are all about fashion more than men are. They like to accessorize cute clothes and find matching shirts to go along with their skinny jeans. I think it depends on how you dress it up will say a lot about your outfit with the jeans.

Flare jeans are a NO!!!

Women wear skinny jeans more than flare because they look weird on them and they are not meant to wear flare jeans because they are so long and ugly. It is very acceptable for a men to wear flare jeans because they wear them with converse, gym shoes, sandals, or timberlands. Guys look better when they are either tucking in their jeans or letting them flare on the bottom.

Depending on what your style is there is no right or wrong answer to what you decide to wear whether you are a male or female.

People use to be so against men wearing skinny jeans and now its almost like a thing and a new fad because males are starting to wear them out more often to class, to go out, or to skateboard.


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