Halloween Clown Fashion!?

Well… it’s that time of year again that some people are looking forward too.


There has been horrible news about clowns and people dressing like them. There is a myth and spooky things going around about how people are dressing up like clowns and killing people or trying to scare them. Some clowns just sit there and stare at people just to try to get a little spook out of innocent people.


There have been multiple sightings of clowns all around the area. This goes back to John Wayne Gacy who was killing boys and kidnapping them as he was dressed like a clown. This was spooky because nobody knew who he was while he was trying to kill these innocent people. Everyone knows he is dead now and got the death penalty while he was in prison.

Are clowns a really good fashion statement?

I think not in many peoples opinions.

Why are clowns now coming back? After all these years the clowns are trying to make a fashion statement and come back. Nobody knows why. Maybe just to scare people.


I suggest you to wear something like these little kids are wearing when you go out this year to celebrate Halloween. Nobody wants to get scared by a clown mask. That would not be cool what so ever.

The scariest part is how will you know if someone is your friend that is dressed up like a clown or someone you know? The spookiest part is you won’t know who is dressed up.

Be careful this Halloween with whatever activities you have planned because you never know who will get you.

CLOWNS are NOT a fashion statement!!!


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