Best High End Mascaras

Who doesn’t love long, voluminous black eyelashes. It’s a proven fact that a little mascara makes you appear more awake, even if you were up all night cramming for your midterm in the morning. I am a mascara fanatic, and there are a few I have repurchased for a good percent of my life.

My mom was the satan that introduced me to Lancome. She always said you should spend your money on your face. Lancome’s Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara retails for $36.50. I know … yikes. But this baby is a game changer. A vibrating mascara that extends, lifts, and amps up the volume to doll-like proportions of lashes. This innovative, vibrating mascara provides 7,000 oscillations per minute. Press the button and experience a breakthrough sensation in application. In one sweep, the vibrating brush, paired with this mascara’s exquisitely smooth formula, coats every hair for longer, denser lashes.

My second favorite will come to know surprise as any girl in the beauty world. Too Faced is the creator of an ICONIC mascara that is worth every penny; the Better Than Sex Mascara. While that isn’t my holy grail, I think it flakes off my lashes and dries them out. Everyone has heard of this mascara from it’s risque name.Too Faced improved their coveted Better Than False Lashes, pairing it with a supercharged Prime & Seal Mascara that dries quickly, and a duo-fiber spiral brush to coat every last lash. The advanced sculpting nylon fibers create extreme length, achieving a full, false lash look that’s easy to apply. The fast drying formula effortlessly brushes on your natural lashes with no sticky after feel perfect for getting a bold, flirty lash look.



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