@FashionGirl249 Outfits under $100

This twitter account talks a lot about fall fashion and the latest outfits that are trending.

Under $100 outfits sounds crazy to me. Its hard to find outfits that are affordable now and days. Especially for college students like myself.

Leather pants, boots, sweaters, and denim jackets are all a must have in the October season.

Every white girl is all about the latest fall fashions. Besides pumpkin spice their are cute trendy clothes that will keep you warm.

90’s trends are coming back and women are trying to follow the latest trends.

If you don’t own a sweater are you cool enough?

What defines us as being part of the latest fall fashion?

The question still remains. As long as your stylish and comfortable thats all that should matter.

You can find the latest styles on collegefashion.net

Once you click on the website it will share links on where you can find all these fall fashions. By  just a click of a button.




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