Chokers trending in 2016 or the 90s?

90’s trend

We all have seen this choker back in the 90’s. Many of us even owned one that looked like that. It’s crazy how many women are starting to wear these today.

2016 trend

Chockers like this are trending more than just ones we use to wear in the 90’s. So many women are wearing all different types of chokers than the basic black one.

Would you wear them?

Do you think they are fashionable?

Many people could dress them up or down. Depending on your certain style.

Not only are chokers trending now but other fashions are coming back to life for female teenagers.

Most moms are talking about how cool it is to see old trends coming back. They feel like they fit in because old things are trendy.

Chokers cost as little as $1.00 to $15.00 depending on which style you like. I feel that they are trending because they are so affordable.


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