My weekend [t]workflow | Sensory development, what actually matters

It is 8:04 p.m. on a chilly, 43 degree F October evening. The brisk wind makes it feel 10 degrees cooler.

As the hot air from my car’s heating system blows onto my bare hands and face, I dread getting out of my yellow VW Beetle.

I step out of my vehicle and the cold air hits me. It crawls up the sleeves of my loose fitting jacket and sweat pant legs, sending chills down my spine.

Goose bumps form on my freshly shaved legs, I curse under my breathe.

The tote bag on my right shoulder, which has makeup, 6 inch heels, multiple changes of clothes, etc.. Weighs me down, causing my shoulder and arm to feel a little sore.

I enter an open door, which leads to the lobby/smoke area, of the bar. It is slightly warmer in this room, but not much.

The place is dimly lit, but there is more light in this room than the any other room in the building.

The concrete floor looks as if it hasn’t been swept in weeks, but that’s nobody’s concern.

The main concern is that scantily dressed women and alcohol are present and availabile to customers.

This is the most important aspect.

Without either, the bikini bar would not be able to open its doors almost every night. Sure, there are those who come to the bar and just want to drink.

However, there are also those who just want to watch pretty girls dance on the poles.

Therefore, both commodities work together to culminate the audience management at this business would like to produce.


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