October 9

Today, on this beautiful, cool Sunday afternoon, the first place that came to mind about where I would rather be was Indianapolis, Indiana. You’re probably thinking “whaaat?! Indianapolis? Why not like Cancun, Hawaii, something!” But honestly, my reason is pretty simple.

Since I have been a little kid, I have been a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan. Today at the absolutely stunning Lucas-Oil Stadium, the Colts are hosting the Chicago Bears in a mid-season matchup that started at noon central time. I have been to a few games at Lucas-Oil the past four or five seasons and everything about going there is incredible. I wish so badly that I were there with my dad and a few friends enjoying the day and season. We would have most definitely gotten there at least a couple of hours before game time to tailgate with hundreds of other Colts fans, played cornhole, drank some beer and just be having a great day.


Being inside such a beautiful stadium surrounded by great friends and fans on a great Sunday like today is really one of the best feelings ever, in my opinion and if I could pick anywhere to be on this given day…. downtown Indy would for sure be my pick.

Since the game started at noon today, that would mean that we have plenty of time after the game before needing to head back. So, after leaving Lucas-Oil fresh off of a Colts win (hopefully), we would more than likely go to a steakhouse and eat… and not just any steakhouse. St. Elmo Steakhouse. Even Peyton Manning mentioned this notorious restaurant in his retirement speech this previous offseason.

I know that going to Indianapolis, Indiana may not seem like a great time to some on a Sunday afternoon, but for me, I couldn’t think of places I would really rather be. Growing up only about three hours from Indy, and where everyone is a Colts fan in Southern Il/IN, it’s kind of in my blood. Go Colts!



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