Places I would rather be: October 6

When thinking about places I would like to be on this Thursday evening, I had to check out some of my twitter feed to get an idea. With that being said, it didn’t take long to convince me on a place once I got there, and my choice is the one and only, very historic Paris, France.

Paris (pronounced Pari by natives) is the most visited city in the world. From the reading and research that I have done over the city, it sounds like the best way to go about a place to stay is renting an apartment. According to a blog posted from one of my twitter followers, the best way to go about renting such a place is through “WayToStay.” Apparently staying in an apartment rather than a hotel gives guests a much more realistic visit and makes them feel like an actual part of the city.


One main thing that I would do in the city, as tourist-like as it sounds, is take a tour through the city on the “Red Hop-on Hop-off Bus.” This is recommended in the previous talked about blog, and it really interests me because not only does it take you through the most visited and popular spots in the city, but you can get off and on when you see something that you want to go and take a longer look at!

Honestly, another thing I would really, really enjoy to visit while in Paris is of course the Eiffel Tower, which actually is a stop on the tour bus. How could you take a vacation trip to Paris and not see it’s most famous attraction?! That’d be like going to Chicago and not going to Willis Tower at least once!

Also, I personally really enjoy odd, foreign foods. With that being said, I know that I would really love Paris’ unique food and restaurant options, so I would definitely take advantage of those. From a bit of reading into it, I’m pretty sure the main, fancy place that I would make sure to visit is the Guy Savoy Restaurant! Although very expensive, the reviews on this place are incredible, and from some of the pictures I have seen, I can understand why, especially in this one from TripAdvisor.





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