Places I would rather be: October 3

Fall is beginning to occur here in Charleston, Illinois. With that being said, we all know what is coming next…. winter. Although winter really doesn’t actually start until late December, the constant cooling of the weather reminds everyone what is near.

So with that in mind, when thinking about places I would rather be on this cool evening is the one and only Chicago Illinois. 

I’m sure some are thinking “whaaaaaat? Chicago? Why would you rather be there???” because it is your hometown or surrounding area. But to me being form southern Illinois and growing up in a rural area on a farm, Chicago has really turned into one of my favorite places that I have ever been to.

One key reason why I would like to be in Chicago right now is because I would love to take advantage of the perfect weather occurring there at this time of the year. The cool breeze off of Lake Michigan all day and even cooler in the evening in such a beautiful city sounds perfect to me right now.

Another key reason why I would absolutley love to be in the city right now is because I mean everyone knows what’s going on…. Chicago Cubs playoff baseball!!!


If I were in the city right now, I would most definitely be in my favorite place in the world, Wrigleyville. Wrigleyville sports to get some gear, and Murphy’s bar to have a couple of Old styles while looking at the beautiful Wrigley Field.  

Also I would be downtown enjoying the awesome breeze and probably doing a little shopping and sightseeing. Although I have been there many times and seen majority of the stuff I would probably run across, each time it is just as amazing of a view and time


Although it is a beautiful time of the year in Charleston right now with Harvest occurring, the fall light beginning to appear, and fall decor being hung… I can honestly say I would MUCH rather be in Chicago doing a number of great things and not having to worry about homework, class, or really anything except for the cubs and eating deep dish pizza!


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