Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

After watching the late Septemeber edition of “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” I was able gain a really strong idea of what the modern debate is in the MLB. The beginning segment pinpointed Colin Kaepernick and his frequent kneels during the national anthem, but the focus then directed to umpires in baseball.

Real Sports


The new conversation these days is having to do with umpires and their lack of consistency. There has been much talk about umpires being replaced by robots to make the game calling more accurate. Most former-league MLB would agree with this movement along with other baseball traditionalists.


Meanwhile, umpires are being blamed game after game for making a call that could cost a team the game in some scenarios.

HBO Special

HBO does a great job of depicting the general issue and brings about a great deal of arguments for those who are for and against the idea of a robot taking over for a homeplate umpire.


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