ESPN: The World Wide Leader in Everything But Hockey

Hockey season is starting to unfold, but the National Hockey League will go another year without being aired on ESPN. Professional hockey is a growing sport and ESPN seems to be doing fine without broadcasting games. It has been since the 2004-05 hockey lockout that the main T.V. provider for sports (ESPN) has aired a professional hockey game.



ESPN feels that the hockey fan base will increase dramatically if a huge sports network like themselves were to air hockey games and I have no question about it. People want easy access to big-time sports.


Luckily, the World Cup of Hockey has been lingering the past month on the frets of ESPN. This is a huge opportunity for well-known network like ESPN to draw in fans for a large organization such as the NHL and promote overall hockey awareness.

World Cup of Puck


I believe this to be a big step for the NHL. Gotta start somewhere!


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