My weekend [t]workflow | My favorite jams

A huge part of dancing is music, of course.

I utilize Spotify as far as music playing applications go.

I like it because I can create and share my playlists with the DJ, who then downloads the songs of these lists.

It’s definitely important to have a wide variety of music to keep it fresh for regulars, fellow dancers and especially yourself.

The type of music I like to dance/listen to at the bar varies depending on my mood.

When I’m feeling more active I typically dance to songs that have a slower tempo, but interesting beat because they work well with pole tricks.

Click here to listen to a playlist involving those types of songs.

When I’m feeling goofy, I like to dance to faster pop songs that most club-goes have heard at least once in their lives.

Here’s a playlist consisting of that kind of music.

Another playlist I enjoy is one that has hip hop songs from the early 2000s.

I usually request these songs when the bar is dead and I’m feeling nostalgic.

A lot of the dancers love this music because it’s something to which they can sing along.

The last genre of music I sometimes enjoy is songs to which I can twerk. I like this because it is not only good exercise but also super catchy.

This is the link to that category of music.

If you liked any of the playlists, feel free to follow them and my Spotify account in general as well.



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