Twitter observations

On strip_tease_her’s profile I noticed a lot of information about astrological signs, which has little to do with my own blog and twitter posts.

I also noticed this person’s profile promotes other, similar pages. This is likely because the posts she’s promoting are either heavily related to her own page or it is the same person operating both pages.

Another observation I made was that she_dances47’s posts are spread out as far as when each post is published. This is likely because she puts the posts on a time log, which posts them at the exact time she schedules them.

This is a good idea because her followers will not feel spammed with her newsfeed.

I also found that many of the twitter pages relating to my beat, dancing, involve women wearing clothing such as sports bras and tight exercise shorts.

Many of the pages also promote the clothing stores websites that sell such clothing.

Products such as pole-gripping cream and chafe relief (aka baby powder) are additionally advertised on all_things_p0le, another one of the pages I viewed.

An obvious aspect I saw was these pages are posted upon regularly whether they are sharing other page’s content or their own.

Overall, this experience enlightened me on the continual work people have to put into their pages if they want to succeed on social media sites such as twitter.



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