Twitter Observations


Something I’ve noticed on Twitter is that several book/publishing blogs followed me after I started following other blogs about books. I am not sure how they found me, but somehow they must have seen how I had followed a lot of blogs with the same topic and noticed a trend. This is probably a good way to get more followers, as it takes into account people’s interest and follows them if they have content like that. I know I followed the accounts that followed me back for the most part, as they were relevant to my interests.

Many of the twitter accounts I followed actively promoted reviews of books, by prominent journalists and other authors. This is a majority of what they have done, when they are not reccomending books to read for the fall season.

In the background, people are also speculating and figuring out which books will end up winning awards and becoming bestsellers. From what I have seen on Twitter, it is getting pretty competitive and selective.


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