Places I would rather be… Take one

Although it’s pretty tough to complain about the weather on a rare, 73 degree day here in Charleston, Illinois, I can definitely think of a place I would rather be. That place?? The Grand Bahamas!

I have been to the Bahamas once on a family cruise, and it was such an incredible time, but there is so much I didn’t have time to do on this beautiful island.The top, probably most popular attraction is Atlantis Paradise Island.


Atlantis is a resort that re creates the legends of Atlantis in a variety of different ways including hotel themes, their extremely inventive waterpark area, and the sea animals they have in their tanks.

A resort is nice and all I’m sure, but I also think it’s hard to beat sitting on beach drinking out of a coconut and being able to interact with the Bohemian culture on a public beach, which is where my family and I spent an afternoon.  bahamas-2

If I were in the Grand Bahamas today, I can guarantee the beach is where you’d have to find me! But if you’re into different things, such as shopping and tourism, the market place in Port Lucaya has some of the most diverse shopping/eating experiences on the island! Although I also have not been here, it looks like a place anyone could be stuck in for hours!




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