Twitter list analysis

The 20 accounts on my twitter list are a mixture of journalists that write a lot about RPG’s, and professional accounts for the major RPG publishers and developers.

In terms of content, the journalists seem to be very personal with their twitter accounts. I haven’t observed a lot of self-promotion from them. They tend to tweet about a variety of things. When they do post about RPG’s, it’s more in the context of posting about the game’s they’re playing. Like so:

In terms of interaction, a number of them retweet posts from fans and their fellow journalists.

For the professional accounts, they seem to be a lot more promotion driven.  An example is Bethesda promoting their new Fallout 4 add-on:

For fan interaction, some of them have done developer Q and A’s where fans could tweet questions and have the team answer them. They also ask the community questions like “What are your favorite moments of this game” and other questions that lend themselves well to promotion.

Overall, the journalists were much more community oriented, while the official company accounts were more promotion oriented.


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