Cooking in College | My Twitter list

To gain more insight into the world of cooking, I created a list of approximately 20 Twitter handles. These users are experts in the field, and after just a few weeks, I know what they’re saying is sinking into my brain.

I really like the range of people I follow. Food and cooking is a large topic, and I feel I have a variety. Some post news, while others post recipes.

@EasyRecipesrss stays true to its name, often tweeting simple, one-pot dishes like this:

Another frequent account, @justfoodblogs, tweets about news or the entertainment side of cooking (I know, I was unaware this existed until now).


Some people use their Twitter feed as a means to attract people to their other social media accounts. @RawinCollege‘s feed is full of links to her Instagram account and YouTube channel.


When I’m not looking for easy recipes or more cooking knowledge, I turn to @BuzzFeedFood  for fun. They probably have the widest (and therefore, the most generic) breadth of content, from recipe videos and tips, to quizzes and entertainment.



Although I follow nearly 20 people, only a few handles post frequently and always appear in my feed. Because I’m interested in all of the accounts that I follow, I typically check out all of the accounts’ pages anyway. But I realized that many Twitter users look at the newest content, and could be missing out on the accounts that do not post as frequently.

However, I believe that each of the accounts play to their strengths. They create content that is consistent with their other material. This makes them more of an authority in my mind, and I feel confident learning from what they have to say.

If you’d like to see and follow my list, click here.


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