Twitter information

When looking at my twitter and more or less analyzing what is being tweeted, I noticed a lot of the same trends. Following accounts related to traveling and different places around the world, I have seen a lot of retweets from the accounts more so than actual tweets. Majority of the retweets are of other traveling/vacation accounts trying to promote one another.


However, there are also a lot of really cool places and rare vacation spots being promoted. For instance, one account “Conde Nast Traveller” had a tweet showing information and pictures about a hidden cocktail bar in London.

The @TravelOurEarth “Travel Vibes” account that I follow for blog information tweeted some really great pictures of a place that I’ve really wanted to visit for a long time….. Brazil!

I have seen a lot of instances like this from looking at what all occurs on my twitter feed. I’ve even seen a little bit of country traditions and styles too, such as jewelry and decor.




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