Twitter Feed

After observing some of the twitters I have chosen to follow for my blog, I realized the branding techniques they use to promote their products.

On twitter, I followed several skin care and make-up brands as well as beauty gurus from YouTube and professional make-up artists.

Overall, the brands I followed never tweeted without a picture of their pretty packaged products or an endorsement from a well-known celebrity or guru.

Over the past year, gurus on YouTube have been collaborating with different brands in hopes of making money off of their subscribers.

Over the products being tweeted about regularly, this is just a brief description of things I could see myself purchasing or leaving on the shelf.

Tarte Cosmetics tweeted about their oil-absorbing blotting papers, a staple for anyone with oily-skin.

Stephanie Ledda tweeted endorsing the Glam Glow mega-illuminating moisturizer, which I would not recommend putting in the t-zone but the outer corners of the face could use a good amount of moisture.

Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their first stick foundation this past month, and a lot of their tweets recently have been women trying each color and finish. With ABH brow products, I recommend using the brow wiz as opposed to the dip brow or brow definer. The brow wiz is a pencil, which in my opinion stays on better for girls who have extra oil.

For this blog, I want to focus on mattifying every section of the face. Urban Decay recently came out with the Naked Ultimate Basics palette. On Urban Decays twitter, Jamie Genevieve put together a classic look using all matte shadows.


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