Photos I have seen that have impacted me


This photo is off a North Korean man waving good bye to a South Korean relative who he had previously been separated from. This was the only day they were allowed to meet. Even if I had not known the story behind this, this image would still have been powerful because of the emotion in the man’s face juxtaposed with the man behind him. The photograph made a powerful photo that is also visually appealing because he knew how to blend emotion in with good camera work. People can feel compassion for both men, the one crying and the other with a solemn look on his face, so it will resonate with them and get a lot of attention. It was sad to see this picture knowing it might be the last time for a very long time these two seemingly close relatives see each other due to conflicts in their countries.


This image of a crying Frenchman watching French flags were moved down the street, later to be sent to Africa after the collapse of France. According to, “the man’s face conveys a sense of grief so profound as to transcend our expectations.”  I agree with this, so this is what really made an impact on me. Seeing the man grieving over the loss of his country is powerful, and the photographer took the picture at a good moment to really capture the man’s emotion on his face. Seeing this picture in history books when I was younger, I did not really understand why he was crying, however with a little more context about what European countries went through in the mid 20th century when this photo was taken, I was able to really see why this man would feel so strongly when seeing his country’s Flags being taken to Africa.


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