Uggs or uglies!?

Remember your freshman year of high school?

Well if you don’t, do you remember those colorful boots walking around the hallway? Uggs are a love hate relationship. Many people believe they are very comfortable. While others think they are so ugly.

I remember my friends and I walking through the hallways in high school thinking we were the coolest people around because we all had different pairs of Uggs. My friends all had the tall black ones. I am only 5″2 so the tall Uggs were not my style. I had the short chestnut Uggs.

I thought I was so cool because I was different and had the different color Uggs as all my friends. Everyone had to have a pair of them or you were not cool.

Now I look back and realize DANG, those things are the ugliest things that were ever made on Earth.

It was just a trend.

If you came from money most people would have the $120.00 pair of Uggs while others would have the knockoffs.

The question is do people just wear them to keep warm, do they actually like them, or do they just want to fit in?

The question still remains!

“The most heartwarming thing was the loyalty.  People refused to abandon UGGs for those knock-offs.” –Brian Smith, Inventor of Uggs


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