Two meaningful photographs

Image result for world war 2 kissing photo

This is a photo called Kissing the War Goodbye, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14th, 1945 in Times Square. In a moment of celebration, a U.S. navy sailor grabs and kisses a random stranger. I saw this picture for the first time during my freshman year of high school. It has always grabbed my attention, because of the emotion and sense of place in the background. I always have had an interest in history after learning about this period of time in the United States. This photograph continues to amaze me because of the way the photographer caught a time of excitement that our country enjoyed on V-Day. I think this picture made romance a reality to me, it reminded me of all of my favorite romantic films and made me see that scenes from movies can also happen in real life.

Image result for rosie the riveter

This is the iconic poster titled Rosie the Riveter, that came out during WWII to represent American women that started to work in factories to replace the male workers who became soldiers serving in the war. Over the years, this photograph has symbolized feminism and the success of women in the working industry. As a woman, this photo has always motivated myself and reminded me to stay strong and focus on my goals. I think it is interesting that recently a photo has been circulating online, showing that the real-life Rosie was actually African American.



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