Photos that have impacted me!

This photo definitely changed my life. QB Aarron Rodgers and LB Clay Matthews hold the 2010 Green Bay Packer Super Bowl trophy against Pittsburgh Steelers. This picture draws a whole ton of emotions. I like this photo because Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team. I like how happy both players are in this photo because it shows how much they love the game of football and how they are celebrating their defeat. What I like most about this picture is how Clay Matthews is pointing to the trophy because he is so pumped about this win and I like how their is a random guy in the right corner because he looks so concerned or in denial about about the win. We don’t know what the guy in the right is thinking but we can assume that this picture as a lot of mixed emotions that are all great emotions. I have always dreamed about being alive during a Packer Super Bowl and am so happy that has finally happen.

This photo played a huge role in my life. I grew up listening to Miley Cyrus or “Hannah Montana” my whole life. She had such long beautiful hair and she was my idol. I loved everything about her. I use to watch Hannah Montana all day everyday I even read her book. I cried when the last episode of Hannah Montana aired. When she cut her bun in her hair this short it changed my life. She changed after her and actor Liam Hemsworth broke up. It really took a tole on her life. She then made then song “Wreaking Ball” after they broke up. She did a complete 360 over night and changed. I still like her today but many people thing she is a horrible person due to the fact that she is suppose to represent Disney well. She is not bad whats so ever she just grew up and is doing it all of money. This picture changed my life because she drew a piece of artwork that helped raise a ton of money for AIDS.This photo was what was shown from her art piece.

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Photo that helped raised money for AIDS of Caitlyn Jenner


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